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The signs as BEES

Aries: THE QUEEN OF THE HIVE. Always the leader!
Taurus: The queen but when it’s still a larva because it likes to eat a lot of the ~special food~
Gemini: WORKER BEES. you should see these girls being all nice and then winter comes around and it’s like, nope, we’re not letting y’all drones in.
Cancer: Undertakers. Look up what y’all do.
Leo: M A S O N B E E S
Virgo: Cleaners. Paying attention to all the detail of the hive, making sure everything’s in place
Libra: wASP. not a bee but a really cool wasp.
Scorpio: Builder bees! Construct the hive, lads
Sagittarius: Drone bee.
Capricorn: Nurse bees. Taking care of y’all, all the time. Don’t be out of the hive by 8:00, they’ll come for ya
Aquarius: Temperature controllers. Makin sure everything is at the right temp all the time.
Pisces: Foragers! Go find those flowers!