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Bombus auricomus. An interesting bumble bee….

Bombus auricomus. An interesting bumble bee. 

One, that in the East, often seems to show up more often in urban areas than outside of cities. 

It is uncommon and a surprisingly tricky look-a-like to B. pensylvanicus (note singular “n”). I have both in my yard, which is rural, and I believe it is because I emphasize planting big yellow composites, thistles, and other such late season bloomers…plants that seem to disappear from our over mown roadsides and farm edges these days. This one from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, collected at Morris Arboretum by Stephanie Wilson



The Golden Sand Loving Bee.  

When I think of bees that are sand loving I think of Lasioglossum vierecki.  For one, how nice to have a golden orange bee to look at.  For second it is common in sandy areas…so if you are going to find a sand specialist in a sand mine, dune, beach, barren, sandhill in the Northeast there you will find this little orange bee.  Thirdly it is easy to identify, which in the bee world is a bit of a blessing.  

This bad girl was discovered along a transmission line in Massachusetts by Michael Veit as part of David Wagner study of bees in these uncommon strip habitats.  

Spotted a little bumbling bee today! I had t…

Spotted a little bumbling bee today!

I had to take a pic in case it was the last 2018 bee I see 🙂

Start of a new series in the KNOW YOUR WILD …

Start of a new series in the KNOW YOUR WILD BEES CAMPAIGN. 

Now we move into the magic of field ID. 

Go outside, use butterfly binoculars … you can do it. Eastern North American Genera are our target, but in most cases the same characters will work anywhere. I am serious about this…the only reason we have bird conservation is because of bird watchers…so you need to become a bee watcher…and you will save the world.

stormy skies don’t stop the bees 🌸

stormy skies don’t stop the bees 🌸

#5 The Sting of the Bee. More like a hypodermi…

  • #5 The Sting of the Bee. More like a hypodermic needle…less like a fish hook. The KNOW YOUR WILD BEES campaign helps you at cocktail parties

Fundraiser Raffle!

I have never posted something on this blog that wasn’t bee related, but I need your help. 

I am helping with a fundraiser at my school to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. My goal is to raise $100 and I need your help. 

I’ve decided to hold a raffle to help raise money. By donating any amount to my page (the more the better since everything is donated), your name will be entered into a raffle and you have the chance to win a set of my bee pins and profile picture sticker (which are both available on my Etsy). 

You can donate by clicking this link.  

*Please leave your @tumblr-username  as your name so that I can contact you after if you’ve won! 

The fundraiser will be open until May 25th. 

Feb/March Patreon Donation

Hey guys, I donated all of February and March’s donation money to Bee Native.    I will have the post about this months Bee Organization up shortly. 

Thanks again to everyone who donated!



All the money for this month has been donated….

All the money for this month has been donated. I’m super busy this month so I will not be able to research and find another bee saving organization to donate to next month, so all the money for next month will also go this organization. You can donate here

Thank you for all the donations this month 🙂