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This medicinal plant is widely planted and tinkered with by gardeners and breeders.  But, it really is a prairie species and when in its habitat, like the Badlands, big bees like to forage on it.  

Hey, look, here’s one in this picture!  Andrena helianthiformis.  I suppose this means “looks like A. helianthus, but…is not” in Latin.  Indeed this taxonomic feint produces confusion because this big Andrena likes Echinacea not Sunflowers.   So now you know and your life is just a little bit more complete Citizen.  Photo by Anders Croft.


Snapchat story from @mashable today! All about the Megachile pluto!

I stopped by the One of a Kind show in Toronto…

I stopped by the One of a Kind show in Toronto tonight and found my friends at the Heritage Bee Co! They have an amazing Mint Chocolate Chip infused honey, it’s so unique 😍

Hey Guys!

I’m close to finishing the 2019 bee calendar and I was wondering if it would be weird if I were to ship them straight from the production company to lower the cost of the calendar. 

(I would have to add the shipping cost to the cost of the calendar reaching my office and then to your houses so shipping it straight from the production company would be in the best interest of everybody)

Spotted a little bumbling bee today! I had t…

Spotted a little bumbling bee today!

I had to take a pic in case it was the last 2018 bee I see 🙂

Tees for Bees

Hey guys, I recently got chosen to be an ambassador for the company Tees for Bees! 

Tees for Bees creates buzz about saving the bees with some funky tee shirts. They aim to bring the cause to the mainstream and to raise awareness among groups that would not usually be knowledgeable about bees and pollinators. 

They donate at least 10% of their products to Bee City to support the work they’re doing to save the bees and all their products are ethically made. They also participate in community outreach projects and educating young children. 

You can use my code STEPHANIE to get free shipping on any purchase or just follow them on Instagram (@tsforbees) to keep up with the work they’re doing. 

Some of the bee pics that are not making the c…

Yes, some of these are really great, but that just means that the ones in the calendar are going to be even better. 

Aren’t these so great? I love them! More pics to come as I filter through them! I’m doing an elimination process 🙂

Heyy Guys!!

I’m super excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on recently! The newest addition to my Ety page will be bee themed sticky notes!! 

I want your advice! What do you guys think about this:

Should the picture be more or less vibrant? Also, I can change the writing at the top of the sticky note and I’m wondering what you guys would like it to say. 

I’m probably going to be selling the sticky notes in sets, so this is just a sneak peek of one of them 😉


I’m filtering through bee pictures I’ve taken in the past month to put together a bee calendar for you guys for 2019, but I’m having such a hard time BECAUSE I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!

stormy skies don’t stop the bees 🌸

stormy skies don’t stop the bees 🌸