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Shipped a bunch of orders today! The bee pins …

Shipped a bunch of orders today! The bee pins are completely sold out! (again!) Should I restock them?

Congratulations Alexandra for winning the give…

Congratulations Alexandra for winning the giveaway for the bee pins and stickers for donating to my Canadian Cancer Society fund page! 

Huge thank you to anyone who donated, every contribution counts towards the search for a cure for cancer. 🙂 

I will be sending an email to the winner with the email used to donate from the fund page. If not, feel free to message me on Tumblr, should you see this. 

Bee Pin + Stickers Giveaway

Hey guys! I’m doing a giveaway of a set of my bee pins and a profile picture sticker to fundraise money for the Canadian Cancer Society as part of my school. 

To enter the giveaway, you must give a donation of any amount to my account here. Obviously, the more the better because everything gets donated and goes to a great cause. 

Please leave your Tumblr username as your name when you donate so I can contact you later if you win. 

Fundraiser Raffle!

I have never posted something on this blog that wasn’t bee related, but I need your help. 

I am helping with a fundraiser at my school to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. My goal is to raise $100 and I need your help. 

I’ve decided to hold a raffle to help raise money. By donating any amount to my page (the more the better since everything is donated), your name will be entered into a raffle and you have the chance to win a set of my bee pins and profile picture sticker (which are both available on my Etsy). 

You can donate by clicking this link.  

*Please leave your @tumblr-username  as your name so that I can contact you after if you’ve won! 

The fundraiser will be open until May 25th. 

Bee pins back in stock

Hey guys! My bee pins are officially back in stock! Get yours before they sell out. 

Feb/March Patreon Donation

Hey guys, I donated all of February and March’s donation money to Bee Native.    I will have the post about this months Bee Organization up shortly. 

Thanks again to everyone who donated!

Hey Guys

I’m going to be away from March 8 to the 17th. 

Any Etsy orders will be shipped upon my return and I will try to respond to messages as soon as possible but it all depends on my wifi connection.

Thank you for understanding 🙂  


Make sure you snatch some bee pins (and/or some stickers too! There is no additional shipping fee for buying multiple items at once) 

Buy them here

Hey guys!

I updated the listing on my Etsy so that you don’t have to pay shipping twice if you are interested in buying multiple items from my shop (that includes different items or multiples of the same item). 

Make sure you stop by my Etsy to buy your bee pins and stickers! I’m almost all sold out of pins, so grab yours before they’re gone! (I’m not sure when or if I’m going to restock them) 


I don’t have any hives, so I’m SUPER excited!!

It was around $20 from Costco, if anyone else wants to grab one 🙂

(update: I’ve been researching about the best place to put it, and apparently wasps will ambush it if the box is placed too high… I don’t know if this is true, but I want my bee house to have a good spot. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to send me a message)