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Tim McMahon hunted down this Ancyloscelis in Costa Rica. 

The long tongue on this relatively small bee is a thing. 

This group as a whole has an affinity for flowers with long carollas. In particular, the love morning glories. Which is interesting, because you don’t really see morning glories in the seed mix for pollinator plots. Yet, this group of plants is one of a number of bees that are dependent on these often common vines. Because we both have native and very weedy non-native species most people throw the Ipomoea out with the bathwater. The series of pictures was taken by Anders Croft.

One of about 3 Monarda specialist in Eastern North America.  

This uncommon bee was collected in Wisconsin (Dufourea monardae), likely by Denny Johnson and photographed by Amber Reese.  

A northern species and not one we have had any experience collecting or observing.  That said, it could occur in Maryland if people spend more time collecting off of Bee Balm.

Bombus terrestris – A domesticated bee.  

Widely used in agriculture in green house pollination as well as in the field. 

Also one that has been introduced into several parts of the world…  Causing major problems in South America where some combination of competition and disease harms the native bumble bees.  This one from New Zealand where it was introduced many years ago.  

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