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Brown Lacewing, Symperhobius species? Note the…

Brown Lacewing, Symperhobius species? Note the very lovely carved brass mesh eye, Beltsville, Maryland

I like looking at this shot, the symmetry, th…

I like looking at this shot, the symmetry, this alien being, this unknowable insect, there is something alive, even relatable here. 

This one is worth looking at full-screen. 

What if, indeed, this Megachile brevis, was as large as a puppy dog, would we treat it the same as we do now? 

A bug can be ignored, because it doesn’t sting us and because it isn’t the size that our eyes can view all the particulars, all the wonderful details that are built into this being in a similar but different way than the flowers that pollinate’s and we honor by making him into bouquets and making them integral to all our major life events. 

Would they make good pets? Would they like to be groomed by us, scratched behind the head? My my I probably shouldn’t write these things late at night they’re just too many rabbit holes out there to fall into.

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