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fuzzy puffs love artichoke fluffs!

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A funny thing about introducing a new queen into a hive that has lost its queen (or one that you’ve killed because her brood was too fighty). 

You have to introduce the new queen into the hive with these special queen cages that are stopped up with candy, and are open enough to let the hive smell the new queen, but not open enough that they can get in there and kill her.

Because they will kill her. 

When you first put the new queen in she smells like an intruder, but by the time it takes the bees to eat through the candy and free the queen, the queen’s pheromones will have had time to work and the hive will have gotten used to her.

From the outside this kinda seems like: 

“Yeh, we were all going to murder you to death before, but we’re full of candy now, so we’re cool. Oh yeh, and how about you be the new queen and stuff. Yeh, that’s cool too.” 

beekeeping is really weird

Listen, strange bee queens lyin’ in cages distributin’ candy is no basis for a system of government.

Supreme executive power has to derive from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical sucratic ceremony.

Oh but if I went ‘round sayin’ “We have a new Queen!” just because some
honeyed bint lobbed a Jolly Rancher at me, they’d put me away! 


Long-horned bees exist and they are precious.

I mean

Look at them!

Long antennae!

And such a nice beard.



Highly successful honeybee

Absolutely off the shits


It is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Even more good news is that the bee population has actually been climbing back up and they have been doing very well this year so far!

Which means you are more likely to see an increase of honeybee activity! Especially if you live near any open fields, orchards, or even just a lot of flowering plants!

When a new queen is born into a hive and becomes mature, she takes a lot of workers with her to find a new hive! But the queens are somewhat fat and not very strong fliers! So they stop and rest while scouts find a new spot for a hive! This is called swarming and looks something like this!

This is NOT a hive! If you see this behavior in bees, rest assured that they will likely be gone within the next few days once they find a spot for their hive! They don’t want to be there any more than you want them to be!

Sometimes they pick very inconvenient spots to swarm and understandably you want them gone as soon as possible! Luckily there is a humane way if removing them is your only option!

Call your local apiaries (beekeepers) and ask what options they have for humane swarm removal! Many pest control companies also have a humane option to transport a swarm to an apiary!

(About apiaries: Kept bees are actually very healthy and well taken care of and their contribution actually made a great impact in restoring the honeybee population!)

Remember to be good to our hard working little sisters! Don’t panic if you see a swarm, they will be gone before you know it!

And if I catch you hurting a swarm… bees will be the least of your problems!

-Captain Planet



Important! They are ALL FRIENDS!

Most of the time they’re just happy to get on with their business around humans. Sometimes they get a little too curious, usually after a minute they’ll realise you’re not food or a good place to sit, but if they bother you then it’s best to just move away.

Remember they sting to defend themselves or their nest, and from their point of view humans are gigantic, unpredictable and potentially very dangerous creatures.

It’s understandable if you’re scared of them, but please don’t say they’re evil!


some of the many things i love about bees:

🐝 tiny bodies full of love

🐝 the way they wiggle their thorax when they drink nectar or honey

🐝 the way they clean themselves like lil cats

🐝 how they emote with their buzz and you can tell how they’re feelin

🐝 the noise they make when you brush them all off a frame or knock it against something !! my heart !!!!!

🐝 the noise they make when they bump into each other

🐝 the way their tiny butts and back legs hang out of the comb while they drink honey

🐝 when they’re babies and their abdomen fluff isn’t fluffy yet !!!!!!!

🐝 when they’re breaking out of the comb being born and you get to cheer them on

🐝 the bees that work so hard to fan the hive when its warm

🐝 the way old bees will have the fuzz rubbed off their abdomen sometimes

🐝 how you can pet bees while they forage and they don’t even notice !!! (but pls don’t try without a beekeeper teaching u how)

🐝 the way bees will sometimes decide you’re a good place to sit while they clean themselves

🐝 how sometimes their pollen sacs will be so full they can hardly fly

🐝 watching them pack pollen

🐝 when they bite varroa mites !!! get them !!!!!

🐝 their lil curly tongues

🐝 how they crawl over ur hands and refuse to leave sometimes

🐝 how they sometimes divebomb headbutt you to warn u they’re really upset !!!! they bounce off so far it’s adorable

🐝 when they notice spilt honey and RUN to drink it

🐝 the way they say hello when deciding if ur a flower or a bear or neither

🐝 the bees that follow u when u leave the hive, and they’re still angry w you. doin a good job protecting her sisters !!!

🐝 the way queen bees sing !!!!!

🐝 pretty wings !!

🐝 they work so hard !!!!! they work together for so long !!!!!! they know exactly what to do and the most effective way to do it !!!! you can breed different strains but ur never gonna domesticate them, they’re always gonna be wild !!!

🐝 their internal clocks !!!! they don’t even need the sun to know what time it is, they can just tell !!!!

🐝 their honeyyyy

🐝 the way they buzz when they’re stuck somewhere

🐝 i love bees !!!!! i’m sure i forgot so many things i just !!!! i love bees so much oh my gosh


A Chill bee


Using her proboscis(her tongue) she sticks it into the Buddleja flowers to get the nectar🐝💜🐝💜🐝



Take a fucking sip, bees

my naym is bee
and i hav floane
all day arownd
my garden hoame
i need a drink
i lik my lipp
you hold the spoone
i tayke a sipp