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Using her proboscis(her tongue) she sticks it into the Buddleja flowers to get the nectar🐝💜🐝💜🐝

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Take a fucking sip, bees

my naym is bee
and i hav floane
all day arownd
my garden hoame
i need a drink
i lik my lipp
you hold the spoone
i tayke a sipp

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Sauk County Standard, Baraboo, Wisconsin, May 16, 1855



gaze into the Bee Cube to determine your fate

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The Department 

of Agriculture honeybee health survey released a report (August 2nd 2017) that proves honeybee colonies rose 3% compared to last year. Also the amount of bees that disappeared or died has gone down 27%. Bees, you’re doing amazing sweetie 

YESSS. Thank god. 🙌

I’m proud of them

I am v. happy

I am so happy for them 🐝❤️

Well done, bees!



nothing huge, i just love bees














dark bee tumblr show me the forbidden bees

this is the masked bee! she has no friends and hates everyone. Sometimes when she has kids she raises them alone and doesn’t let the father come for day trips. she loves pollen but does not like waiting for it so she chews flowers open which is essentially stealing. we love her anyway.

these bees are homalictus bees! they are the rainbow gay bees. Females tend to live together in one nest and guard the entrance. one time we found 160 gay girls bunking together. They’re so irridescent and small that they might look like flies but they are really just tiny lesbians.

and this is the blue banded bee! she may look like she’s wacked out, but really she is pretty chill. she just wants to live independently (or with some friends) in a nest or burrow and look after tomatoes.

this is a cuckoo bee! she is really cool! she goes into other bee’s houses and lays eggs there, and then when the baby hatches it eats the host bees’ pollen and lays waste to the hive, murdering and eating all the other bee babies! BUT ONLY if it’s mother bee didn’t kill them all first.

thank u dark bee tumblr

This is the most successful thing ever!


this is dawson’s burrowing bee! they are one of the largest bees in australia and they burrow into the ground to make nests. males are so aggressive that they will literally fight and kill each other to get a female! and if a particularly aggressive male does not get a female he will murder all of the other males out of rage! (and sometimes the females will be casualties of these brawls – here is a video of a bee brawl where a female get decapitated. these bees are very large and kind of look like half bee half cockroach. but the females’s fuzzy white heads are pretty cute! [photo credit]

and dark bee tumblr comes through for us again… we are so fortunate. thank u dark bee tumblr. thank u

I’m mad that they missed the opportunity to use “les-bee-ans”

This is a tree bumblebee- they’re pretty similar to honeybees in that they have big nests with a polyandrous queen. However, these guys love to be around humans and in gardens, and are super resilient- there are now large populations in Iceland. They have a more complex social hierarchy than most bees, with multiple worker castes. If a worker gets close with the queen she can mate with a drone and lay her own eggs in with the big pile, but eat the eggs of any workers beneath her that try to do so.

This is a valley carpenter bee- the only bee that can thermoregulate and had a circulatory system complete with aortic arch. Carpenter bees are good because they are too big to get into many flowers and have to be extra hairy to get pollen. They live in raw wood in small family units of all females (mothers and daughters or sisters) and are excellent cooks and workers. Males cruise around mating with multiple females and then leave.

These are green sweat bees- they burrow in the ground and live in apartment complexes, where they all use the same entrance but then have their own separate burrows rather than one large room. Some have kids, some don’t, so someone’s always around to keep out invaders. Unlike most bees the males actually do quite a bit of pollinating and go out in groups.

dark bee tumblr has graced us once again with even more forbidden and secret bees we are truly blessed

Coming at you with another Australian native bee; tetragonula carbonaria or the sugarbag bee. They are a stingless species instead using resin to trap and entomb invaders that get into their hive as shown below (which doesn’t happen often because these bees are tiny and the entrances to their hives are also just as tiny). 

Like honey bees they are eusocial. Meaning they live in hives with a queen, drones and worker bees that create these complex hives that are completely different to honey bee hives. With honey and pollen pots built on the outside of the hive and the spiral structure in the middle made up of brood cells, where in the centre the queen sits.

do you dare pass through the sticky traps and enter the B E E S P I R A L


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saw a very busy boy today

Very nice! However, I feel it is my duty as a bee dork to inform you that this bee is a girl! All the worker bees (the ones who go out and collect nectar and pollen) are female!