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Congratulations Alexandra for winning the give…

Congratulations Alexandra for winning the giveaway for the bee pins and stickers for donating to my Canadian Cancer Society fund page! 

Huge thank you to anyone who donated, every contribution counts towards the search for a cure for cancer. 🙂 

I will be sending an email to the winner with the email used to donate from the fund page. If not, feel free to message me on Tumblr, should you see this. 

Fundraiser Raffle!

I have never posted something on this blog that wasn’t bee related, but I need your help. 

I am helping with a fundraiser at my school to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. My goal is to raise $100 and I need your help. 

I’ve decided to hold a raffle to help raise money. By donating any amount to my page (the more the better since everything is donated), your name will be entered into a raffle and you have the chance to win a set of my bee pins and profile picture sticker (which are both available on my Etsy). 

You can donate by clicking this link.  

*Please leave your @tumblr-username  as your name so that I can contact you after if you’ve won! 

The fundraiser will be open until May 25th.