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Here we have Afromelecta lieftincki, a nest parasite. 

While no one has confirmed what this species parasitizes, it is likely given its relatives, that it parasitizes Anthophora type bees. 

You should travel to Africa and find out. 

This specimen was collected while on expedition with Jonathan Mawdsley and James Harrison in Kruger National Park. A series of pictures from Silas Bossert from the National Collection at the Smithsonian. They use their own hi res camera equipment, but prefer a light background.

From the Badlands of South Dakota

Lasioglossum paraforbesii

One of the large northern Lasioglossum species.  This one found lurking about some of the prairie habitats in the National Park on our expedition there.  Upon close inspection you can see that this bee has one rather than two weakened cross veins in the submarginal cells…but you knew that.  Pictures by Wayne Boo.