if someone is scared of wasps i don't see…

if someone is scared of wasps i don't see why they can't just … ingnore them and stay away from them. they also really play up the danger of being stung that isn't really there unless you aggravate the wasp? I've held wasps in my bare hands to save them from hot asphalt and rain before and they didn't sting me (or, if they were male, didn't even pretend to sting me). they just want to live and let live

I understand. Having a healthy fear is okay. Having a healthy fear is what makes us keep our distance. I feel like most of the time people get stung, its by total accident. Once I was trimming the edge of my lawn with gardening shears (the weedwacker was broken) and then started cutting the grass just above a nest some wasps made in the ground, and they swarmed out and stung me right on my face. A rational person like you or me would take that to mean that I got too close to the nest and they thought I was attacking it. Naturally, in order to increase their chance of survival, they defended the nest. 

But the sad truth is, most people wont interpret the situation like that. This is the common “stings out of nowhere” argument you see. “I didn’t have the intention of hurting them, why did they hurt me? They must have done it because they are psychotic killers.” Few are willing to put themselves in the place of the wasp. 

It also doesn’t help when people create stuff like this:

It absolutely breaks my heart. 

On the internet, nobody fact checks anything. Nobody cares enough to fact check anything. They see a funny meme and share it. I can’t claim to know these people’s intentions while creating these. But, I can tell you the effects are disastrous for our relationship with nature. We all know that “sleeps with your wife” and “hopes you have a horrible day” are not valid reasons to hate wasps. But with enough repeated exposure to this garbage, all of this gets stuck in people’s heads. Not to mention the very blatant misinformation it spread, namely that wasps don’t have a purpose. If these people bothered to research anything, they would find they are so very very wrong. And if people would go outside and actually bother to observe the complexities of nature, they would also find that wasps don’t sting “without reason.” I also want to point out that in the U.S. alone, around 100 people die from bee stings every year. And yet, I never see the same “we have no purpose in life” stuff I see attached to wasps. 

I am most disturbed by the very last one, which says that honeybees “do you a service” by dying if they sting you. 

Which reaches the core of the problem: people think that nature owes them something. 

By viewing the world through a human filter, we have come to think that we are separated from everything else. We are different. We are special. Therefore, if there is something about nature that fails to please us, that means it must be actively plotting to destroy us. Cause we are just that special. 

This gives us no room for empathy. If it is not perceived as useful or pretty to us, or it has a way of hunting or defending itself that isn’t pleasant, that gives us the right to advocate its removal from existence. 

So there you have why people don’t just ignore wasps. They just can’t ignore the atrocities with which they associate wasps, giving way to the desire to prove we are somehow morally superior to them. We can’t just accept that we are a part of nature and can coexist with these species. We have to be their master.