I'm sorry, but most of the things you sai…

I'm sorry, but most of the things you said on that bee fact posts arent true. You cant survive off of honey, beehives do not produce 400 lbs of honey per year (a cursory google revealed a max of 60-80 lbs/yr) there are 44 subspecies of honey producing bee, and children up to 3 or more shouldn't eat honey, not one. You're cute but please dont spread misinformation. All of these things took 30 seconds to google.

I wrote that post 2 years ago!! I had just started my blog and I had less than 6 followers and I honestly didn’t think anyone would see it. 

Apart from that, when I created the post I actually found all the facts from a website that I trusted. I realize now that a couple of the facts may be incorrect however children CAN start eating honey after a year. 

You can check out these links if you would like to fact-check

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