Beetles from Kruger National Park in South Afr…

Beetles from Kruger National Park in South Africa.  

  • Anthaxia species
  • Acmaeodera virgo
  • Buprestidae species

This is the start of a series of pictures of insects that come to the flowers in Kruger.  

This is a project led by James Harrison from S.A. and Jonathan Mawdsley from the U.S.  I was lucky enough to come along and do some bee collecting.  Interesting system.  When we were there it was very droughty, only moderate tree bloom and very little herbaceous bloom.  Trees are pollinated to a great extent by beetles with bees being what appeared to be not that prominent.  Here is a selection of some of the lovely beetles we found.  Identifications by Jonathan Mawdsley.  Pictures by Kelly Graninger or Anders Croft.