Hi! I plan on going (mostly) vegan for some he…

Hi! I plan on going (mostly) vegan for some health reasons and some moral reasons however I would like to keep honey in my diet. My main concern is whether or not harvesting honey could put bees at risk (of starvation or anything else). Thank you!

The only time bees are put at risk from honey collecting are when the beekeepers are large companies. Large companies use unethical methods to keep Queen bees under control, they smoke their bees with chemicals instead of just using twigs and sometimes even kill off their bees in the winter to save money. 

I am a strong advocate for honey from local beekeepers. Local beekeepers take great care of their bees. They are proud of their bees and they stay away from using products or methods that could harm them. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with harvesting honey if the bees are taken care of by the right beekeepers.