Hey, weird, probably dumb, question but do you…

Hey, weird, probably dumb, question but do you have any fun bee facts?

That’s not a dumb question! I don’t know nearly as many fun bee facts as I would like to know, but here’s what i got:

  • Bees don’t hibernate, but they huddle together for warmth in a big ball and rotate out whose on the cold outside layer (the exact same way penguins do!)
  • Social bees (like honey bees and bumble bees) have special ‘pockets’ on their back legs for storing pollen 
  • The pockets actually mean they’re not as good at pollinating as solitary bees since they don’t drop as much pollen on other flowers (solitary bees don’t have queens so they’re not so fussy about dropping some pol)
  • bees dont actualy have kneecaps so the phrase ‘the bees knees’ doesnt make any sense
  • Killer Bees (which I was…really improportionately worried about as a child) actually have less venom then a common European honeybee. It would take over 1000 stings for either of them to kill you (assuming no allergic reaction) and European honeybees are too unmotivated and lazy for that. 
  • Killer Bees proper name is Africanised Bee but they’re actually a hybrid of a European bee and they’re from South America (WHY BIOLOGISTS)
  • Bee stings are acidic but wasp stings are alkali 
  • Bumble Bees, which already have the cutest name of all Bees, used to be called Humble Bees!! And before that there’s records of them being called Dumbledores!! SO ADORABLE!!