an update on my lack of musical talent and motivation that no one asked for (aka the sanders sides medley)

Cause I know a few people expressed interest in this and idk if anyone’s wondering whether that idea is dead.

It’s not! I originally planned to finish the whole thing over my break but time just flew by and I was planning a bunch of other stuff, too. I learned Virgil’s theme a while back so I already have that one down, and I’d say I have about 2/3 or so of Patton’s? There’s this really tricky part that left me in a slump for a while, still have to get past that. I’m also just learning a simple version of the Blue Danube from the internet, as that’s Roman’s theme.

(I’ll be honest- I don’t actually know specifically what Logan’s theme is off the top of my head, because it sounds so similar to the background music they use/his theme gets used a lot as background music. That’s why I saved it for last and haven’t started it yet. Shouldn’t be hard to find it though, so no worries.)

The analysis post that I mentioned possibly making about their themes should be done around the same time. Transcribing the themes to the piano means I’m already picking apart the melodies, so it just makes more sense for me to do them at the same time.