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last week’s spread!!!!! i just love mustard yellow sm like i feel that a lot of my spreads contain that color no joke ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎ anyways i hope all of you have a great week!!!

I am LIVING for these bee bullet journal spreads!!








An assignment I actually wrote on the board this week:

In groups, write 2 sentences (in Latin) using only the
vocabulary in your textbook. Make sure to include:

  • 1 irregular verb
  • 1 imperfect verb
  • 5 cases
  • BEES?

I’ll elaborate in a minute, but I need to stop laughing

So I’d originally planned on a 20-minute grammar lesson,
followed by a handout to be finished in pairs, but I’d made the mistake of telling
this class about Latin Day in April and how we were encouraging them to come to
school in costume. All they wanted to do was talk about costume opportunities
(and since I would like to keep my job, I had to explain why staging Caesar’s assassination
in the middle of the lunchroom would be a Bad Idea), so I shifted gears and decided
to channel that creative/social energy into a different assignment.

After lugging them through a condensed version of the
grammar lesson on irregular verbs in the imperfect tense, I split them into
groups and pulled an assignment out of the air.

The requirements:

  • Write two sentences in Latin
  • Use ONLY vocabulary from the textbook
  • Include at least ONE irregular verb
  • Include at least ONE verb in the imperfect tense
  • Include 5 (out of 6, including the vocative)

The goal:

  • To write them on the board for their ‘rival’
    groups to translate

They are a competitive bunch, so I knew this would be enough
to encourage them to go All Out. But then one student raised her hand.

“Can our sentences be about bees?” she asked.

Bees. I swear this class has a thing with Bees. I hesitated.
“There are no bees in your textbook.”

“Yes, but you taught us that word.”

I had, back when this same student had asked me how to say “the
bees are suffering” for a kahoot she was writing. Granted, this same student is
planning on coming in on Latin Day dressed as Caligula’s horse, so none of this
surprises me.

I opened it up to the other ‘groups’. “What do you think?” I
asked. “Should we let them write about bees?”

“No,” said one student with a heavy sort of solemnity, looking
me dead in the eye. “We should all be required
to write about bees.”

As the rest of the class eagerly cheered and nodded in
agreement, three things occurred to me.

  1. The word for bee, “apis”, is a 3rd-declension
    i-stem noun, which they could use more practice on.
  2. They’re going to want to describe the bees,
    which means they will likely also be practicing noun-adjective agreement with a
    3rd-declension i-stem noun, which they could also use more practice
  3. This could be flipping hilarious.

And so I added “BEES?” to the list.

The results:

1. apes ingentes Hannibalis ad Romam ibant. Moenia vincunt et Romanis miserum dant.

“The giant bees of Hannibal
were going to Rome. They conquer the walls and give misery to the Romans.” In hindsight the noun miseriam would have been better, but still solid. Mentions bees AND misery. Implies an AU where Hannibal brought giant bees
across the Alps instead of elephants. Carthage wins the Punic Wars. 10/10

2. Argus ignem sui amoris dare volebat ieiunis, ieiunis apibus. “Arge!” apes dicunt. “Nolumus accipere ignem tui amoris.” Argus desperat et se in mare conicit.

“Argus was wishing to give
the fire of his love to the hungry, hungry bees. ‘Argus!’ the bees say. ‘We do
not want to accept the fire of your love.’ Argus despairs and hurls himself
into the sea.” Descriptive. Tragic. Mentions fire. Has something for
everyone. Also 10/10

 3. regis magna apis volabat, et volebat occidere regi. “Beeyonce,” inquit, “uxor es. Ama me.”

“The great bee of the king
was flying, and he was wishing to kill for the king. ‘Beeyonce,’ he said. ‘You
are my wife. Love me.’ ” 100/10 for Beeyonce.

Guys, I’m getting paid to do this.

This entire post makes me so happy. It’s got Latin, bees, and an A+ set of stories at the end 😂

As someone who literally had to study Latin for years at school, this makes me so happy and I legit laughed the entire way through. BEEyonce made me truly lose it though.




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Hey, weird, probably dumb, question but do you…

Hey, weird, probably dumb, question but do you have any fun bee facts?

That’s not a dumb question! I don’t know nearly as many fun bee facts as I would like to know, but here’s what i got:

  • Bees don’t hibernate, but they huddle together for warmth in a big ball and rotate out whose on the cold outside layer (the exact same way penguins do!)
  • Social bees (like honey bees and bumble bees) have special ‘pockets’ on their back legs for storing pollen 
  • The pockets actually mean they’re not as good at pollinating as solitary bees since they don’t drop as much pollen on other flowers (solitary bees don’t have queens so they’re not so fussy about dropping some pol)
  • bees dont actualy have kneecaps so the phrase ‘the bees knees’ doesnt make any sense
  • Killer Bees (which I was…really improportionately worried about as a child) actually have less venom then a common European honeybee. It would take over 1000 stings for either of them to kill you (assuming no allergic reaction) and European honeybees are too unmotivated and lazy for that. 
  • Killer Bees proper name is Africanised Bee but they’re actually a hybrid of a European bee and they’re from South America (WHY BIOLOGISTS)
  • Bee stings are acidic but wasp stings are alkali 
  • Bumble Bees, which already have the cutest name of all Bees, used to be called Humble Bees!! And before that there’s records of them being called Dumbledores!! SO ADORABLE!! 

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bees paradise

top 5 bees

top 5 bees

I’M SO HAPPY WITH THIS QUESTION!! You did not ask for this, but I’m also going to match each bee with a Side for fun.

1) The Garden Bumble Bee


Look at it. So round and fluffy. The quintessential Bee. Has its own theme music. They bumble about.  Fantastic. The Patton of the Bee World. 

2) The Honey Bee


Not as fluffy as the bumble bee but a hard worker. Makes the sweet stuff. Very Necessary and Focused. A Logan Bee.

3) The Tawny Mining Bee


!!!!  A fluffy ginger coat!! So cute. They don’t build hives they make little solitary burrows underground. Still an important pollinator but shy. The Virgil of the bee community.

4)  Leaf Cutter Bee


Look at him!! They cut holes in leaves, take them back to their nests and glue them together to make little house for their larvae to live in. So creative. Their favourite leaves are roses. Utterly dramatic and unnecessary 10/10 Prince of the bees.

5) The Carpenter Bee


A deceiver (or beeceiver), they get mixed up with Bumble bees a lot. In fact carpenter bees have scales shiny patches where bumblebees have fluff. Another solitary bee that likes hanging out in rotting wood. Snake Face McBee.

Bonus Bee! Because… I like talking about bees and this is my actual fave. 

Japanese Honey Bees


A very adorable bee. Nice and yellow. But, when attacked by a Giant Hornet they secrete a hormone which summons all their bee brethren and they wrap the hornet up in a Bee Ball


Inside the Bee Ball the temperature reaches up to 117oC!! COOKING THE HORNET!!! Such teamwork!! So clever! A few hornets can wipe out an entire European honey bee colony by themselves but not these guys!! They’ve got it all sorted. Inspirational stuff. Representing Thomas. Because they are hard working, have many friends and are Warm.

~ask me my top 5 anything~